Have You Ever Dreamed Of Designing, Creating, And Publishing Your Own Games?

Justin has managed to capture and communicate the process for designing games starting from the blank sheet of paper all the way to thousands of fans playing your game.”

-  Jordan Weisman
Creator of Shadowrun and BattleTech

"Justin Gary went from world champion Magic: The Gathering pro-tour competitor to award-winning game designer and then to multi-million-dollar CEO. He has a lot to teach."

- Peter Adkison
Founder of Wizards of the Coast

Learn To Design (& Publish) Games With Justin Gary

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If you are anything like me, you love the idea of making awesome games to share with the world.

But starting down that creative path can be tough, and you probably don’t have time to waste making big mistakes that could cost thousands of dollars and hold your game back for years.

That's why, after a 20-year career in game design, a game design book, and a game design podcast, I've decided to create a course.

Introducing the Think Like A Game Designer Mastery Course. A simple and effective way to learn game design.

This course will not just help you learn to bring your game to life, but teach you to take the first steps toward a career in game design.

The Think Like A Game Designer Mastery Course is a step-by-step approach to game design that will give you the confidence to create your game and the knowledge to side-step the design mistakes that every new designer makes.

This course is designed to transform you from a person with games on the brain to games on the table.

I'll show you how to come up with ideas, iterate on your design, prototype on the cheap, effectively play-test, and finally, get your game published.

— Justin Gary

Game Design Success Stories

"If you love games and you want to make them: join this class."

- David

"Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. We're all constantly learning and sharing new ideas with one another."

- Lucas

"The last three or four weeks have changed the game, for the better, instrumentally."

- Konstantino

"It's been a great experience."

- Darren

"If you are interested in getting into game design or you're already a game designer and you want to get better at game design, you should take the think like a game designer mastery class."

- Nathan

"I think it's fair to say that the Think Like A Game Designer has given me the tools, the network and a hell of a lot of inspiration that I need, to ship something I could be proud of."

- Chris

"Justin provides a lot of great information and great support. I was very happy to have taken the class. I would pretty much recommended this to anyone who is starting out, trying to get into game design, or even if you've had some experience."

- David

"If you're interested in making games, at basically any stage in game design, I think that this would be a great course for you."

- Jimmy

"Even experienced designers will benefit from looking at design through his eyes."

- Richard Garfield
Creator of Magic: The Gathering

"Justin Gary is a brilliant game designer and a great teacher. He has learned from experience and is awesome at breaking down the principles of design in ways that are easy to understand and act upon."

- Rob Dougherty
Founder and CEO of White Wizard Games